Fun With Flowers

Flowers and plants are such an understated part of our lives that most of us often take them for granted. However, they’re one of the few things which bring color to our lives and have almost unbelievable properties and effects on us, and other than the basic properties of flowers, these flowers remain shrouded in mystery to the majority of us. We, therefore, aim to fill the gap in our knowledge about flowers,

Ten incredible facts about flowers

The ten incredible facts about condolence flower klang valley are given below-

  • The sunflower is one of the most fascinating flowers out there! Each of their petals is actually a flower in itself, and therefore, a single sunflower is basically just a bunch of flowers. Its roots are also very beneficial because they draw out contaminants out of water: in fact, they have even been known to get rid of 95% radioactivity contained in the water.
  • This is a fairly well-known one, but the color of a Hydrangea depends on its soil – it’s like a litmus paper for the soil, however, it works the other way round. If the soil is acidic, the flower turns out blue and if it is basic, it turns out pink!
  • Need to calm down your heart? Foxglove flowers have been known to cause your heart rate to drop –by merely touching it. The next time you can’t sleep, try a foxglove flower.
  • Another flower helps with sleeping problems: the Gerbera releases oxygen and absorbs carbon monoxide during the night, which is known to help people with sleep problems. Especially sleep apnea.
  • If you’re ever thinking of cutting flowers for your new vase, and need a way to keep them fresh for longer, use vodka or any citrus soda along with water.
  • A flower dubbed as the Skeleton Flower possesses magic petals that turn transparent when they come in contact with water. They revert back to normal once they’re dry.
  • ‘Forget-me-nots’ were actually used by Nazi freemasons to denote the poor and desperate, so that they wouldn’t be isolated, punished and persecuted.
  • Broccoli is by definition, a flower, because broccoli is harvested before the buds of the flower bloom fully, and thereafter it is eaten as a vegetable. 
  • There are certain flower species that smell exactly like chocolate! We have compiled the names of some of them in order to save your time: Chocolate Cosmos, Black Salsify, Chocolate Orchid, Chocolate Mint, and Chocolate Daisy.
  • David Austin, a famous rose breeder, created a hybrid variety of rose, containing hues of apricot. He named it Juliet Rose, which went for $4.37 million at its debut at the Flower Show in Chelsea.
  • The Agave plant, also called the century flower, never grows a flower in its entire lifespan, except for just before it’s about to die. In its twilight years, it grows a flower and dies. 

This was our shortlist of fun flower facts. We hope these facts were able to shed a little more light on flowers and their properties, and we hope you learned something new!